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Describes ENDORSE and its main outcomes.

Author: ARMINES and Transvalor


Renewables ENDORSEd

Reference:  Science & Technology, Issue 6, March 2013, p. 79. Pan European Networks.

PowerPoint presentation - Status Dec. 2012. 2 slides per service

Authors: Claire Thomas, Transvalor

PowerPoint presentation :

(June 2012)

Brief presentation of the status of work of the ENDORSE project in June 2012, with a special focus on the service solar atlas for Provence (S1) and on the service for the certification of bioenergy use (B2).

Author: Claire Thomas, Transvalor

4 page brochure

Reference: Wald. L. 2012. "Downstream demand: improving renewable energy services", International Innovation, Feb. 2012, pp. 63-65

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POSTER (Oct 2011) pdf

Author: Claire Thomas, Transvalor

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Flyer pdf.

Author; Transvalor

(first version: June 2011, 250 professional versions were printed in March 2012)

Logo without the name of ENDORSE

Logo with the name of ENDORSE

Elongated logo with the name of ENDORSE

One slide presentation ppt

One slide presentation pdf pdf

Author: Claire Thomas, Transvalor

(Sept. 2011)

Extended presentation ppt

Extended presentation pdf pdf

Author: Claire Thomas, Transvalor

(Aug. 2011)