Exploitation of GMES by ENDORSE

ENDORSE exploits several components of GMES:


MACC products

Irradiance: HelioClim-3, and SOLEMI (legacy products)
Cloud properties (APOLLO)
Aerosols properties
Forecasts of aerosols properties
Total column water vapour
Total column ozone


Space components

Meteosat Second Generation - HRV and SEVIRI: visible and thermal bands
Eumetsat CLM product (cloud mask)
MERIS: level1B data, NDVI, fPAR, with a preparation towards Sentinel-3
Digital Terrain Model SRTM, with a preparation towards TerraSAR DTM


Other products

  CORINE land cover (European Environmental Agency)
GlobCover (European Space Agency)


Meteorological data

Numerical weather forecasts, analyses and re-analyses, behind which are space components
Meteorological measurements made at surface