Pre-Market Services

ENDORSE will develop a portfolio of pre-market services, serving as precursors and examples of best practices for similar downstream services (other regions, other providers), or will extend existing services by GMES core capabilities and recent research results.

They aim at filling gaps, going beyond what is currently available taking benefit from the advanced products elaborated by the GMES Core Services and from other EO data, and permitting further innovation by their users when operational. Detailed specifications will be elaborated in due course together with protocols for validating the products and services against these requirements.

List and detailled description of pre-market services:

  1. Service 1: "S1: Local Atlas Generation"
  2. Service 2: "S2: Design CSPS"
  3. Service 3: "S3: Irradiance forecasts for electricity production"
  4. Service 4: "S4: TMY Generation"
  5. Service 5: "S5: A Web-based GIS for concentrating solar systems"
  6. Service 6: "W1: Generation of annual energy output (AEO)"
  7. Service 7: "E1: Load balancing within electricity distribution grids"
  8. Service 8: "B1: Mapping biomass potential for forested areas"
  9. Service 9: "B2: Certification of bioenergy use"
  10. Service 10: "D1: Lighting energy savings"

S stands for Solar, W for Wind, B for Biomass, D for Daylighting, and E for Electricity