1. Description of Work (2011)


The service is entitled “Definition and development of a service for certifying the sustainable production of bioenergy products”.

Involved partners and contacts: the partner in charge of the development of the product and the service is DLR - Kurt Guenther  (kurt.guenther(-at-)dlr.de

Prime-user: Int. Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC), Germany.


Expectations of the prime-user: The Deutsche BiomasseForschungsZentrum (DBFZ) was founded on February 28, 2008, by the Federal Republic of Germany, represented by the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection (BMELV). The DBFZ supports the BMELV in strategic questions concerning the use of biomass, is involved in policy development for a sustainable bioenergy use and closely accompanies the definition of certification and controlling authorities on the national level. Members of the DBFZ work in committees for standardization and directives. Therefore, the proposed service for certifying the sustainable production of bioenergy products will be defined in close co-operation and will be analyzed with regard to its practicability.

Objectives of the service: Provide a certification of sustainable biomass production to a given crop. More precisely,  the purpose is to provide a cost-effective tool to identify direct land use / land cover change based on public available satellite  data (direct Land Use Change maps dLUC).

Area of Interest: Global spots defined by prime users. First test area is Brasilia, in Brazil

Exploited GMES downstream services:

  • Level 1b MERIS-FRS data to compute the "spectral change"
  • GlobCover

Innovation: There is no such service presently. This one will be the first to answer the needs for certification and law enforcement.