1. Description of Work (2011)

The service is entitled “design and performances analyses of concentrating solar power systems (CSPS)” .

Involved partners and contacts: the partner in charge of the development of the product and the service is FLYBY - Marco Morelli (marco.morelli(-at-)flyby.it

Prime-user: Enel Green Power (Italy)


Expectations of the prime-users: CSP technologies use solar energy by concentrating it to higher densities, using relatively low-cost mirrors or lenses, for the purpose of producing electric power. The solar light is concentrated and converted to high temperature heat that is used to drive a thermodynamic cycle, similar to that of ordinary thermal power plants. CSP systems represent a renewable energy option which is becoming more and more appealing to the general public thanks to its versatility and increasing economic feasibility in mid and low latitude areas at global level.CSP technologies can be used in a wide range of electricity markets. In fact, on the one hand, large, utility-scale, CSP systems, providing hundreds of megawatt of electricity, can help meet a nation’s demand for electricity; on the other hand small CSP systems, consisting of a single dish/engine and producing 3 to 25 kilowatts of power, are well suited for distributed applications and can be located directly where the electrical power is needed. Concentrating solar power technologies can generate electricity at relatively low cost and deliver power during periods of peak demand. The general public is becoming more familiar with the availability and benefits of CSP and researchers are continuing to discover ways to reduce costs and improve efficiencies.

At the planning stage of an investment project in CSP systems, professional support for optimal system configuration is essential for project developers and investors lacking well-founded knowledge in the field of solar energy; therefore a service providing technical advice at planning stage, including site evaluation and advice on components selection and purchase, will be perceived by users as extremely beneficial.Once solar power systems are active, their owners want the guarantee that the systems return the expected yields, thus a service supplying a reliable management of CSP systems, based on remote monitoring and yield analysis, is of crucial importance. Users will consider as particularly advantageous a service which cuts the running operation costs, by early failure detection and quick troubleshooting.

Objectives of the service: At the planning stage, the service will provide support to evaluate the site, to configure optimally the CSP system and to estimate the profitability of the investment. At the operational stage, it will provide an internet-based, cost-effective and secure local system monitoring solution.

Area of interest:

Exploited GMES downstream services:

Innovation: User-friendly, powerful simulation tools that provide detailed technical as well as economical analysis of CSP systems are not numerous and the market for the service we propose is full of opportunities. The distinctive innovation of our service will consist in exploiting the latest improvements to MACC Core Service lines and the research results obtained in the project ENDORSE.