1. Description of Work (2011)

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The service is entitled "load balancing within electricity distribution grids enabling high penetration of photovoltaic power systems".


Involved partners and contacts: the partner in charge of the development of the product and the service is ULM University of Applied Science - Holger Ruf (ruf(-at-)hs-ulm.de and Gerd Heilsher (heilsher(-at-)hs-ulm.de)

Prime-user: Enel Green Power (Italy)

Expectations of the prime-users: The operators of electricity grids face increasing shares of photovoltaic power systems in their grids. The fluctuation of the power due to variation in the sunlight will cause problems for the grid stability in the future. Therefore the grid operators want to learn in advance how a larger fraction of solar power will influence the grid. For the safe grid operation load forecasts are needed for the scheduled operation of conventional power plants. The grid management needs to know in which way solar power could be integrated in the load forecast and the scheduling of conventional power plant operation. An accurate knowledge on the behaviour of solar power at the utility level is a prerequisite for the development of energy services and load balancing.

Objectives of the service: Providing global solar radiation data at 15 min time resolution and high spatial resolution during analysis phase. Solar power forecast on a local level with high spatial and time resolution is needed for the operation of distribution grids with high penetration of PV and the load balancing service.

Area of interest:

Exploited GMES downstream services:

Innovation: Analysis on the influence of solar power in local grids has been done so far only with artificial grid models. Within ENDORSE, the detected useful areas for solar systems in the test region will be connected to the local electricity network model and the influence of the solar power will be evaluated at a quarter-hourly time step. The evaluation on the realistic local level and the use of quarter-hourly solar radiation values on the local level has not been done so far. Solar radiation forecasting and nowcasting has been used so far only in research. Within ENDORSE the detailed expectation of the users and the tools and standards in the grid management will be analysed and the lessons learned will be adapted to the design of this service.

Interesting link with a similar approach:  http://en.mapdwell.com/solarsystem/cambridge