Web Services

Several outcomes of research (WP3) are candidate to dissemination and exploitation in form of Web services. A Web service is an application that can be invoked on the Web. Several standards are available: the preferred ones are those recommended by GEOSS: Web Map Service (WMS), Web Processing Service (WPS). In order to get the best from Web services, another application, here a portlet, should be developed that creates an interface in a standard browser of the users. Transvalor is developing such portlets within the SoDa Service.


  • HelioClim3-version4 + McClear clear sky (WP3003-3): Within the project MACC-II, Armines has developed a WPS to provide time series of clear-sky values (McClear). TRANSVALOR has developed the interface to access this WPS on the new SoDa website. The HC3v4-MC WPS should be available by the end of the ENDORSE project.