Workshops - We are looking for your participation!

The workshops will be organized around the domain themes (Solar, Wind, Biomass, Load Balancing, Daylighting). They address the target customer groups, the service industry as well as other relevant stakeholders such as authorities, policy makers and public administrations. Within workshops, ENDORSE will provide interactive demonstration of the services, where possible, and will consult the audience to feed the preparation of the “Towards the Market” report, by assessing the compliance of the services to the market needs. Moreover, they will provide inputs for developing business sustainability roadmaps.


(In reverse chronological order)



Type of workshop






WP7 representative(s)

Targeted Users 

Link to the presentation(s)



Batimat 2013

4-8 Nov. 2013

Paris, France


Joris Boffard


Service D1

WP7 representative: Mariano Peluso

Face-to-face workshop: Mr. Joris Boffard and Mr. Peluso participated to one day of this event. They went from booth to booth on the list of 23 companies working on sun screen, building, control...

Document: Mr. Dominique Dumortier has originally proposed a flyer within the framework of the WP8 "towards the market" activity, in order to advertise the service. This flyer has been translated in French for Batimat.

Comments and feedbacks from this event: Mariano and Joris used these flyers plus a Ipad to easily display screenshots of the service and illustrate its use. On the booth, most of the case, the contacts were more commercials than technicals so they tend to urge them to contact their technical support for a deeper discussion.

The conclusion of the day is a few demonstrations of the service and 5 filled questionnaires for the WP8 activity. A few contacts promised to test the online service.

Intersolar Europe 2013

June 19-21 2013

Munich, Germany


Solar - Load Balancing

ENDORSE in general, services S1, S2, S4, S5 and E1

WP7 representative: Elena Gaboardi (iCons), Mariano Peluso (iCons), and Claire Thomas (Transvalor)


Booth A1.518 - 19-21 June 2013

(click on the image to magnify)

Approx. 25 people were welcomed directly at the booth.

iCons went to visit the exhibition stands of approx. 40 companies
Stimulate the market: two associations of companies from Poland and Romania, and three companies were approached.

Workshop in room 2 - 14h-18h June 19th 2013

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The workshop didn’t receive the expected success. Several reasons can potentially explain this fact: lack of time of attendees mainly, room far from mainstream exhibition area…



Video: Mr. Holger Ruf has produced a video that was displayed during the three days of the booth:

Atelier Innovation Techtera / Cluster Lumière

March 28th 2013

Lyon, France



Service D1

No WP7 representative

Workshop: A workshop has been organized by Techtera (Textiles Rhone-Alpes) and Cluster Lumière on the use of fabrics for lighting/daylighting applications in buildings. Based on this workshop, thinktank meetings have been organized for future research on solar protections, tools for the evaluation of their performance…D1 then…

Next meeting is September 4.

Attendance: In the attendance, there were architects, engineers, researchers and industrials.

Name of the presentation: "USAGES DES PROTECTIONS SOLAIRES : OUTILS ET MÉTHODES D'ÉTUDE", Mr.  DUMORTIER, P2E-LGCB-ENTPE, Atelier Innovation Techtera / Cluster Lumière, 28 Mars 2013 – Ecole d’Architecture de Lyon, Vaulx en Velin, France.

2nd EnerGEO Summer School

4-13 March 2013

Kampala, Uganda



Markus Tum


service B1

No WP7 representative

Workshop: Mr. Tum participated to a 1,5 day lecture and  lab-session, where he produced a dataset of biomass of Uganda. The attendees were invited to handle and use the map as potential users would do, with the support of Mr. Tum.

EWEA 2013

4-6 Feb. 2013

Vienna, Austria



Service W1

No WP7 representative

Collect feedbacks: Mrs. Jacques and Mr. Guidon from 3E presented the service W1. Based on the questionnaires on the services S1 and S4 piloted during the training/workshop in solar radiation (23-24 Jan. 2013 in Mines ParisTech), 3E distributed 10 questionnaires for the evaluation of the service W1. They received 7 filled documents, which were sent to iCons for exploitation.

Training in solar radiation provided by Mines ParisTech

Service demonstration

23-24 Jan. 2013

Mines ParisTech, Sophia Antipolis, France



Services S1 and S4

WP7 representatives: Raffaella Moreschi (iCons), Elena Gaboardi (iCons), and Claire Thomas (Transvalor)

Speakers and attendees: One of the lessons learnt in 2012 was the complexity of the developed services is a significant barrier for adoption. ARMINES decided to propose a free training in solar radiation during which a workshop has been organized to present the services S1 and S4.

This event was the opportunity to pilote the questionnaires for the testing phase of the services by the extended panel of users (Apr. 2013) and the exploration of the market (Aug. 2013).

We already have 5 attendees for the session 2014, who which to receive the same service demonstration.


9th GEO Plenary conference

21-23 Nov. 2012

Foz de Iguacu, Brazil



ENDORSE in general and the service S1

No WP7 representative

Stimulate the market/raise awareness/create competitors: Mr.  Wald advertized ENDORSE and in particular the service S1 to the Romanian Delegate to GEO and the General-Secretary of the Hungarian association for GEO-information, during the 9th GEO Plenary conference.

After the event, Armines has sent material describing the ten services in ENDORSE for wide dissemination in Romania and Hungary with the expectation that one or more companies will be interested in developing similar services in their region, or will connect with ENDORSE beneficiaries for further business development.

Equipbaie 2012

13-16 Nov. 2012

Paris, France



Service D1

No WP7 representative

Collect feedbacks: Mr. Dumortier, ENTPE, visited the exhibitor stands of Equipbaie and went back with a clearer idea on solar protections and controlled that could be modelled in the service D1 (lighting energy savings), with a list of potential users for the service D1, and with new ideas for marketing D1.

Let’s Embrace Space

15-16 Nov. 2012

Larnaca, Cyprus


Wind and Daylighting

ENDORSE, and services D1 and W1

WP7 representative: Claire Thomas (Transvalor)

Stimulate the market/raise awareness/create competitors: Mrs. Thomas, Transvalor, presented to the GMES community ENDORSE with a particular focus on services D1 and W1. Two girls from Indian companies expressed their interest in the ENDORSE services in order to develop the same in their own countries.

10th EUMETSAT User Forum

1-5 Oct. 2012

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia



ENDORSE in general and service S1

No WP7 representative

Collect feedbacks: Mr. Wald, ARMINES, demonstrated the ENDORSE project and the service S1 (solar atlas for Provence) to all meteorological offices from Africa and Western Indian Ocean. He received interesting feedbacks through face-to-face discussion, in particular with the Met-offices of Algeria, Ethiopia, Mauritius and Tunisia.

EURISY conference

Sept. 11th 2012

Graz, Austria




ENDORSE in general and service S2

No WP7 representative

Stimulate the market/raise awareness/create competitors: In Sept. 11th 2012, Marco Morelli, Flyby, presented ENDORSE and his service S2 (design CSPs) to SMEs during the EURISY conference. Several brochures advertising ENDORSE has been also distributed.

(The feedbacks collected during this event have been placed in the workspace (private section of this website) for exploitation.)

EU BC&E 2012

18-22 June 2012

Milano, Italy


Markus Tum and Kurt Guenther


services B1 and B2

WP7 representative: Elena Gaboardi and Mariano Peluso (iCons)

Workshop audience: Collection of 16 potential interested users coming from:
  • Business: 6
  • Research: 7
  • Authority: 3

Located in:

  • Europe: 10 (Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain)
  • Asia: 3 (India, Japan, Malaysia)
  • America N+S: 3 (Argentina, Canada, USA)

Already in further contact with 2 potential users

  • Engineer office (Germany)
  • Cellulose fabricator (US)

(The feedbacks collected during this event have been placed in the workspace (private section of this website) for exploitation.)


EOC (Earth Observation Center) Symposium 2011

Oct. 11-12th 2011

Munich (DE)


Markus Tum and Kurt Guenther


Services B1 and B2

No WP7 representative

Workshop audience:

  • Political decision makers on regional, national, continental scale, private forest owners, energy supply companies, fast growing species plantations
  • Certifying Bodies, bioenergy trading companies

Link to the power point presentation  in German

No WP7 representative



The audience addressed by the ENDORSE workshops are:

  • end users: public authorities, local agencies, engineering bureaus, energy producers, investors, plant investors, maintenance services, electricity grid managers;
  • service industry: potential providers of similar downstream services, associations of companies in energy business;
  • scientific community: at large, particularly in environmental modeling;
  • stakeholders’ community at large and the policy makers.
  • everybody working in companies, bureaus, research centers, national agencies... in charge of the installation of PV or CSP plants, energy policy at a local, regional, national or international scale...

The end users include:

  • prime users: interacting for product and service development;
  • extended panel: provide feedback on services, involved in demonstration and assessment of sustainability;
  • existing service providers: assess improvement introduced by the GMES core services.