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WP1: Management

WP2: Refinement and consolidation of users requirements. Completed

Task 2001: Products. Completed

Task 2002: Services. Completed

WP3: Common research consolidation

Task 3001: Basic Tools. Completed

  • 3001-1: A library for computing the relative position of the Sun and the Earth
  • 3001-2: Meteorological data harmonization
  • 3001-3: Quality check procedures
  • 3001-4: Benchmarking satellite-derived meteorological assessments

Task 3002: Air Temperature. Completed

Task 3003: Post-processing surface irradiance. Completed

  • Collection of data
  • Use of snow cover from MSG APOLLO
  • Improve SSI estimates from MACC using recent aerosols data sets in the clear sky model
  • Improve GHI to BNI and DHI conversion
  • Create a global BNI database

Task 3004: Data fusion. Completed

  • Cartographic SSI products
  • Production of homogeneous time series from HelioClim databases
  • Data fusion of satellite and ground measurements time series

Task 3005: Interface to GMES Core Services

WP4: Product development

WP5: Users assessment

Task 5001: Prime-users assessment of products. Completed

Task 5002: Extended panel assessment of services

WP6: Pre-market service development/improvement
WP7: Users' Workshops
WP8: Towards the market
WP9: Dissemination of scientific results



S1: Local Atlas Generation
S2: Design CSPS
S3: Irradiance Forecasts
S6: Wind Annual Energy Output
S7: Load Balancing
S8: Mapping Biomass Potential
S9: Certification of Sustainable Bioenergy Use
S10: Lighting Energy Savings


Phone Numbers

  • Holger Ruf: 00 49 731 5028 348
  • Gerd Heilsher: 00 49 731 5028 360
  • Sophie Jacques: 0032 222 926 17
  • Dominique Dumortier: 0033 4 72 04 70 87