WP5 - Users' Assessment - Internal documents


Assessment of the products by the prime users

D5.1 Report "Summary of the assessment of products by users"


Extended panel of users

  • Raffaella Moreschi, iCons, sent to Lucien Wald, ARMINES and coordinator of the project, a first draft of the Milestone 11 document gathering all the elements sent by the partners concerning the extended panel of users on Dec. 3rd 2012. Please find here the document .
  • Lucien Wald, ARMINES, sent on Dec. 5th 2012 a recapitulative on all the actions that have been taken by the partners for this task, and all the actions to keep in mind in the future for each service.
  • On 23-24 Jan. 2013, a training in solar radiation has been held in Mines ParisTech. This was an opportunity for a few attendees to confirm their participation to the extended panels of users for the services S1 and S4.

Assessment of the services by the extended panel of users

D5.2 Report "Summary of the assessment of pre-market services by users"