Start of the activity: June 2011

The ENDORSE Description of the Work plans about 5 to 7 workshops during the lifetime of the project.

The organisation of thematic workshops aims at maximising the results while saving resources. Based on the experience in previous projects, workshops have been and will be organized preferably in the context of events (for instance international fairs) that attract a broad multi-stakeholders audience of in the various fields (prefer transversal to single-topic fairs).

Link to feedbacks from attendees



  • Dec. 6th 2012: the two documents for respectively the reservation of the booth (Application Form) and for the reservation of a room to hold the workshop (event request form) have been sent to the INTERSOLAR organizers.
  • Feedbacks have been received on Jan. 11th 2013. The booking process is correctly going on.
  • Jan. 18th 2013: green light sent for the reservation of the room for the workshop. We are waiting for the same green light for the booth.
  • Feb. 20th 2013: Banu Bektas, from the organization team of InterSolar, confirmed us the side event (workshop room reservation), and insists on the need to advertize this event to be sure to gather an audience.

Next deadlines for you are as follows:

  • March 22: Summary (400 characters) and first program draft, weblink
  • April 22: Program update
  • May 15: Final program

A teaser (leaflet in pdf format, done by Transvalor and iCons) should be sent between March 15 and March 31 to all the potential attendees.

Please note, if you do some promotion you will have to include our logo etc, before you go out with something you will have to send it to me for approval.

Documents WP7

- Download here the questionnaire to collect the evaluation from the workshop attendees

- Download here the document to guide you in the preparation of the “Towards the Market” (WP8) report.

Raise awareness in the service community

  • NEREUS: Roya Ayazi, general secretary of NEREUS, has been contacted by the coordinator of the ENDORSE project Lucien Wald on March 13th 2013 to advertise the project and the related services. The next day March 14th 2013, Ilaria d'Auria also from the NEREUS secretariat sent the NEREUS NEWSFLASH: ENDORSE - stimulating user-driven development of GMES services for renewable energies.
  • On March 13th 2013, Lucien Wald also contacted Dr. Gabor REMETEY-FULOPP, Secretary-General Hungarian Association for Geo-Information. He received a very nice feedback on March 14th 2013: Dr. Remetey invited Pr. Wald to the 4th HUNAGI Conference. Abroad for holidays, Pr. Wald will not be able to participate to the event. However, further exchanges and other efforts will be made to stimulate the hungary market.