WP9 - Notes and planning for 2013



Mr. Tum informed us that the following article can't be resubmitted and accepted by the end of the ENDORSE project.

Journal of Hydrologic Engineering

will be resubmitted to another journal since it didn't fit the scope of this journal


Markus Tum



Reference: Tum, M., and E. Borg, ."A 1D Soil Water Infiltration Model for Regional and Global Applications".


Dissemination tool:

10-slide presentation

Confidential papers:

Articles - Webservices

  • Task 3001-1: Solar Geometry 2 library
  • Task 3001-2: Harmonization
    • Article being reviewed internally
    • Web service: not planned for the moment. Waiting for more promising results from the merging of HelioClim1 and HelioClim3v4 (March 2013)
  • Task 3001-3: Quality Check
    • An article is being reviewed internally
    • A Web service is planned for 2 July 2013, in order to meet the requirements of the EnviroInfo communication given in September (March 2013)
  • Task 3001-4: Benchmarking (data completion+consistency property)
    • No article
    • No webservice planned for the moment. Maybe on data completion? (March 2013)
  • Task 3002: Assessment of 2-m temperature
    • Article being written by Unige (news? March 2013)
    • a simple version will be developed as a teaser for further development to present for instance to ESA (phone call with Sebastiano, Gabriele, Bella, Etienne, Laurent and Claire, March 14th 2013): WMS with monthly and yearly values for 2009, and a WPS to retrieve a time series of hourly temperature values over the PACA region. Armines and Transvalor are waiting now for the temperature images from Unige

Task 3003: Introduction of McClear into MACC-HC3 => meeting #4 July 2012: An article is planned.

Task 3004: Data fusion => meeting #4 July 2012: no article planned (nothing confirmed)

Task 3005: Interface to GMES Core Services => meeting #4 July 2012: no article planned, not suitable for article.


Daylighting, service D1: An article is under preparation by ENTPE on the sky subdivision developed for climate based on daylight modeling. => meeting #4 July 2012: Two articles are planned. Dominique will send me the details concerning these future publications.